Here you can find answers to the most frequent questions that we have been asked here at

We will continue to build out the FAQ section as time goes on with frequent questions that may not currently be covered.



How much CBD Oil should I take?

It is different for each person. Most of our customers start with 1/4 dropper and increase if needed.

Can CBD oil cure any condition?

FMCBD produce natural and pure full spectrum CBD oil in the USA that is sold as a dietary supplement, we are not making any medical claims.

However, we encourage you to research this topic yourself, as there are trustworthy websites where you’ll find studies on the effects and benefits of natural and pure full spectrum CBD oil in various conditions.

FMCBD will include blog articles or post that may refer to such studies on our website, but only to inform you about them.

We do not market our products as intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease although it is quite possible those suffering from any one or more of a variety of ailments could see benefit from taking natural and pure full spectrum CBD oil in various conditions.

Is your CBD oil synthetic or natural?

Our CBD oil is 100% natural and is made in the USA

Will CBD oil get me high?

No, our CBD oil has 0% THC (no traces even) which is the part that makes you high if you smoke marijuana.

In order for CBD oil to be legal in all 50 states, it requires to have 0.3% or less of THC, as we stated above, we have 0% THC.